The elections on the occupied territories will revive a criminal ex-regionals clan led by occupiers - Independent Trade Union of Miners 05/16/2016 23:04:20. Total views 1069. Views today — 0.

Independent Trade Union of Miners of Donbass opposed holding elections on the occupied territories of Donetsk region, as they can legalize the illegal military formation and bring ex-regionals to power. The statement of the chairman of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Donbass (ITUMD) Nikolay Volynko says that.

We publish the text of the statement in full.

Statement by the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Donbass

On May 14th this year President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said in Kramatorsk that he did not exlude elections in the so-called "certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions" (CDDLR) that year, that is, on the territories occupied by the Russian armed forces and local terrorists. In his opinion, these political processes can occur "when there is the OSCE international monitoring military mission on the contact line to ensure one hundred percent of the ceasefire; when withdrawn in accordance with the Minsk agreements heavy machinery and artillery are under the protection of the international police mission and when control of the uncontrolled part of the Ukrainian-Russian border, firstly goes to the armed OSCE police officers, and then - to the Ukrainian border guards."

Independent Trade Union of Miners of Donbass considers such statements by the head of the state to be unacceptable and adventurous. Firstly, no international peacekeeping mission, except for NATO forces, is able to provide its armed forces to carry out the tasks. According to experts, it will require from seven and ten thousand peacekeepers and minimum from two to three years of training. The OSCE has already stated that it is not able to provide a similar mission in SDDLR and no negotiations were conducted with it on this topic. The Kremlin militants have warned they will not tolerate international armed forces "on its territory". Secondly, Poroshenko’s statement gives patriotic forces reason to doubt the readiness of the authorities to follow the Constitution of Ukraine and to defend the country's territorial integrity. They talk less about the immediate withdrawal of Russian regular troops and the mercenaries of the Kremlin from the occupied territories, they talk more about the so-called "total amnesty" for militants and their leader-thugs. Any elections without security guarantees for participants of the election process, access of Ukrainian parties, voting guarantees for one and a half million internally displaced persons, restoration of full control over conduction of the elections by the Central Election Commission of Ukraine will lead to trivial falsification of the electoral process and the final already "legitimized" terrorist "authorities" of the occupants in Donbass.

ITUMD got to know that in June this year Bankova intends to pass "behind closed doors" though the Ukrainian Parliament needed for the Kremlin and Western backers package of constitutional amendments that provide, inter alia, the so-called "special status" not only to CDDLR but the rest of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions under the control of the Ukrainian authorities and the military and civilian administrations. Such a step would allow yesterday's "regionals" who two years ago called the "Russian world" to the region and who are holding secret negotiations today with Bankova and the Kremlin with their curators to return whole Donbass to their his feudal fiefdom. As a result of secret deals, all the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be displaced beyond the two regions and they will be replaced by some joint regional formation of the bandit and terrorist personnel of the self-proclaimed "republics". To support this plan, they have already made complete "cleaning" of the the power corridors of Donetsk and Luhansk regions from the patriots of Ukraine and replaced them with yesterday’s servants of Yanukovych and the Party of Regions.

ITUMD calls on all patriotic forces to prevent reincarnation of the crime family in Donbass and warns the current Ukrainian government that they will oppose by all available means including force resistance to any secret deal with the enemies of Ukraine.