A dozen of dead and six dozen of injured: russian National Guard headquarters was shelled in Donetsk 03/30/2023 09:42:34. Total views 145. Views today — 0.

The shelling of a building in the Kalyninsky district of Donetsk, which the occupiers reported on March 27, turned out to be a precise hit from the HIMARS multiple rocket launcher system aimed at the russian National Guard headquarters. Military observer Andriy Tsaplienko reported this on his Telegram channel on March 29.

According to him, 12 invaders were killed and another 60 were injured.

"The headquarters of the russian National Guard in Donetsk got acquainted with HIMARS. They say there is about a dozen of dead and six dozen of injured. The shelling happened on March 27", - Tsaplienko wrote.

Earlier it was reported that the occupiers reported a powerful shelling of the Kalyninsky district of Donetsk, adding that there was "four rockets from the MLRS hit the rear".