The situation at the checkpoints: huge queues at Marinka and Zaytsevo checkpoints 05/13/2016 22:32:04. Total views 862. Views today — 0.

Traditional long queues and a large number of "beneficiaries" are observed at Marinka and Zaytsevo checkpoints on May 13th, - reports Donbass SOS.

Zaytsevo checkpoint: the queue is about one kilometer towards Gorlovka. In the direction of Bakhmut the queue is up to Mayorsk sign in several rows, a large number of beneficiaries’ transport, slow traffic. Walking queue is huge. At Nikitovsky post the queue is traditional, almost to the market, traffic is slow.

Marinka checkpoint: in the direction of Kurakhovo the queue is about 300 cars, the traffic is very slow, in the direction of Donetsk the queue is about one kilometer and a half, the traffic is slow. Walking queue is huge, a lot of v.

Novotroitskoye checkpoint is still closed after the tragedy at Yelenovka.

Gnutovo checkpoint: there are no messages about queues.