Eviction from paradise: occupied Mariupol residents are being deprived of apartments in the Nevsky residential complex, which pro-russian authorities ceremoniously gifted to them 03/24/2023 09:48:51. Total views 329. Views today — 0.

Residents of the Nevsky residential complex, built by russian occupiers in Mariupol, are complaining about issues with registering the apartments in their name and threats of eviction. This is reported by Verstka publication with reference to the private group chat of the complex residents.

It is noted that several residents cannot obtain certificates of ownership under the pretext of checks on the "legality of obtaining" the apartment, which are carried out by the occupation prosecutor's office.

One of the residents claims that there have already been cases of eviction. The reasons may vary: ownership of another property, errors by the commission when checking the residents and others.

"In any case, this is some kind of idiocy: first to please people, let them buy furniture, settle in and then take away their housing", - one of the group chat members laments.

"They came, freed us from our homes, from work, from loved ones and now they have given us mercy. They are giving away housing, but it is not ours... though you took away our privatized living space", - another resident agrees.

On March 19, putin met with residents of the Nevsky residential complex in Mariupol. A woman who participated in this meeting stated that local residents had "waited for" and "prayed for" putin. She assured the president of the aggressor country that "this is a small piece of paradise".

Later, journalists noticed a video where the residents thank putin. It was also published on the kremlin's website. In the background of the video, an unknown woman shouted: "This is all a lie, it's all for show". Later, this fragment was deleted from the video.