Russian Duma made it easier for traitors to renounce Ukrainian citizenship: a statement, a ban on the use of a Ukrainian passport and control by the FSB 03/15/2023 13:19:04. Total views 277. Views today — 1.

The State Duma of the russian federation has made it easier for traitors to the Motherland to renounce their Ukrainian citizenship. The mechanism is enshrined in a law that is dubious from the perspective of international law.

According to the law, "russian citizens" who obtained russian passports after the occupation of part of Ukrainian territory "are considered not to have Ukrainian citizenship from the day they submit a special statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation expressing their unwillingness to be citizens of Ukraine".

As of today, several hundred thousand "new russians" cannot legally renounce their Ukrainian citizenship. According to russian legislation, such "citizens" have a number of restrictions: they cannot work in government and municipal organizations, hold government and municipal positions, work in certain economic sectors and so on.

The Duma has decided to make the process of treason easier for traitors: to renounce Ukrainian citizenship, one must submit a special statement to the Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the russian federation. From the day the statement of renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship is submitted to the ministry, such "citizens" must refrain from exercising the rights and fulfilling the obligations of a Ukrainian citizen. For example, they cannot obtain and use a Ukrainian passport or a Ukrainian biometric passport.

In case "new russians" use their Ukrainian passport, for example, to travel abroad freely, the information is reported to the Federal Security Service (FSB).