Occupiers plunder and evict locals in Luhansk oblast. Electricity, water, medicine and medical services are practically absent 03/09/2023 16:18:54. Total views 234. Views today — 3.

The russian occupiers are plundering and evicting local residents from their homes, while the population is deprived of communal and medical services in the Luhansk oblast. This was reported by the head of the Luhansk Oblast Military Administration Serhiy Haidai in an interview with Ukraine Media Center on March 9.

"The attitude of the russians towards local residents is getting worse and worse, because they see their losses, that they have no peace anywhere, even deep in the rear - their barracks and ammunition depots are regularly blown up far from the front line", - Haidai said. "Because of this, robberies and looting continue to happen, people are evicted from their homes, and militants move in".

He noted that there is no electricity, gas or water supply. Medicine and medical services are almost unavailable in the occupied territories as well.

Earlier, it was reported that there has been a sharp increase in cases of eviction of local residents to accommodate russian occupiers in Kreminna.