Ukraine hopes to receive a million artillery rounds and air defense equipment very soon - Reznikov 03/08/2023 14:58:47. Total views 311. Views today — 0.

Ukraine hopes to receive as soon as possible air defense equipment and additional ammunition from its EU partners, in particular, a million 155 mm caliber shells. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov stated this today in Stockholm, speaking ahead of the informal meeting of EU defense ministers, Ukrinform reports.

"We will discuss our priorities with our friends and partners, the EU defense ministers. Air defense systems are Ukraine’s No.1 priority, along with munitions, munitions, and more munitions. I support Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur’s initiative for the EU to supply 1 million 155 mm artillery rounds to Ukraine", - Reznikov said.

He also noted the importance of a continued supply of armored infantry fighting vehicles, tanks and other heavy equipment, which will allow Ukraine to create a "steel fist" and prepare for the counteroffensive.

Oleksii Reznikov noted that as a lawyer, he considers it important to comply with all legal procedures and bureaucratic rules, but at the same time one must take into account the fact that in wartime, it is the pace that plays a decisive role.

"As Jens Stoltenberg told us in Brussels during the latest meeting in the Ramstein format, time saves lives. That is why we need to move forward as quickly as possible", - he added.

As previously reported, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmygal showed photos of four Leopard 2 tanks sent to Ukraine by Poland.