Plane crash near Yenakiieve: Ukrainian air defense shot down russian Su-34 fighter-bomber (Infographic) 03/03/2023 17:06:14. Total views 318. Views today — 3.

Fighters of the Ukrainian air defense troops on Friday, March 3, shot down a russian Su-34 fighter-bomber over Yenakiieve. The press service of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports this on Telegram.

"We haven’t heard such good news from our air defense gunners for a while! On March 3, 2023, at about 13:30, gunners of the Nikopol anti-aircraft missile regiment of the East Air Command destroyed a russian Su-34 fighter-bomber in the Yenakiieve vicinity", - the press service said.


According to representatives of our aviation, both pilots were able to eject. However, one of them died.

"The second one is preparing to join him", - the press service of the Air Force added.

Earlier it was reported that a fighter jet was shot down in the sky over the occupied Yenakiieve.