Pitiful videos did not help: the Irkutsk governor failed to protect his mobilized fellow countrymen from participating in the deadly Avdiivka assault 03/01/2023 11:00:31. Total views 316. Views today — 3.

On March 1, the mobilized soldiers from Irkutsk were sent to storm the Avdiivka fortified area. This was reported to the Telegram channel "People of Baikal" by the mobilized servicemen and their relatives.

"The 1st and 2nd battalions were sent", - the russian military said. "We were waiting for a transfer (to the territorial defense units - OstroV), but we are not being transferred anywhere".

As previously reported, in early and late February, Irkutsk servicemen from the 1439 regiment recorded two video messages to putin and the governor of the Irkutsk oblast Igor Kobzev. The mobilized noted "lawless and criminal orders from the commanders", who formed assault units and sent them "to slaughter". The third appeal was sent by the wives of the military to the online reception of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office.

On February 26, governor Igor Kobzev promised that "in the near future the guys will be transferred to a new duty station". In his Telegram channel, he assured that he was keeping the situation under control.

"In general, nothing has changed, although we really hoped for the best", - the russian invaders from Irkutsk commented on these promises.