The leader of "Donetsk People’s Republic" Zakharchenko is ready to admit "Opposition bloc" to election. After a public penance 12/10/2015 21:46:05. Total views 2562. Views today — 0.

The leader of the militants of "the DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko promises to admit the "Opposition bloc" to participate in the elections in the "republic" after "a public penance". He stated about this today - said the "DAN" separatist website.

"Regarding specially the" Opposition bloc ", he has a chance to set an example for other Kiev parties and do public penance for done operations in Donbass. And this public penance can become for the "Opposition bloc" a real entry ticket in the political space of Donbass. I do not see any other options "- he said.

As previously reported, the head of the opposition government Borys Kolesnikov said that the " Opposition bloc " party is ready to participate in local elections in the uncontrolled territories of Donbass , if they are carried out under the laws of Ukraine.