Medvedev proposes to russian authorities to engage in piracy in field of intellectual property: without licenses and payment of copyrights 02/01/2023 10:17:53. Total views 343. Views today — 0.

Ex-president of the russian federation dmitry medvedev suggests that the russian authorities engage in piracy in the field of intellectual property. He wrote this in his Telegram.

Medvedev recalled that the aggressor country receives Western industrial products through the so-called "parallel imports", that is, in fact, smuggling from the third countries.

"We get the same Western brands, and their owners get nothing", - the notorious politician boasted.

He suggested extending this practice to intellectual property as well.

"It remains only to adopt the rules on the use of their (foreign - OstroV) intellectual property. Without any licenses and payment of royalties... For everything: from movies to industrial software... In short, for piracy under the regime of personal sanctions", - Medvedev suggested.