Putin to address Federal Assembly on the eve of anniversary of full-scale invasion of Ukraine – russian media 01/31/2023 13:48:23. Total views 361. Views today — 0.

Russian dictator putin may send a message to the Federal Assembly of the russian federation on the twentieth of February. Russian media report this on January 30, citing sources in the State Duma.

"One of the TASS sources said that the message could take place on February 20 or 21, and another source said that it is highly likely that the russian president will deliver a message on the twentieth of February", - russian journalists report.

In turn, the RIA Novosti propaganda media reports that this appeal will take place directly on the anniversary of the beginning of the invasion – February 24.

Let us note that last year, putin did not deliver a message to the Federal Assembly, allegedly, due to a busy schedule. At the end of December 2022, putin announced that he would make an appeal at the beginning of 2023, as he needed time and additional analysis of the situation.

We will remind that earlier, there was information that putin is preparing a new offensive in February or March.