It took three days to explain to Georgians "who runs the house". This will not work in Ukraine: everything is ours there, so we have to raze cities to the ground - Simonyan 01/31/2023 12:42:23. Total views 367. Views today — 0.

Russian VIP propagandist Margarita Simonyan has admitted that in the war against Ukraine, the russian army is actively destroying Ukrainian cities, because it cannot win otherwise. She told this on the air of one of the russian TV channels.

She cited the russian invasion of Georgia in August 2008 as an example and lamented that it would not be possible to conquer Ukraine with lightning speed either. "That war was short, three days, we explained it quickly. We can’t explain everything to Ukrainians as quickly as to Georgians... In Ukraine, we left more of our good Soviet past: our factories, our weapons, our people, our territories and our cities. Ukraine is more powerful than Georgia thanks to us", - the odious propagandist stated.

According to her, russia will be able to cope with Ukraine only by destroying Ukrainian cities. Allegedly, it hurts her to look at this barbarity, but the armed forces of the russian federation have no other choice.

"Well, what shall we do? Now we have to do this. It hurts me to look at these cities turned into ruins. But it won’t work differently", - Simonyan admitted that the russian army is using the "scorched earth" tactics.