Russia is preparing to attack. There are many trials, blood, death and hard work ahead - Danilov 01/23/2023 10:34:30. Total views 260. Views today — 0.

Russia is preparing for an offensive, the first sign of which is the implementation of active information measures. This was written by the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov in a column for Ukrainska Pravda.

"Russia is preparing for an offensive, the first sign of which, according to constant tactics, is the implementation of active information measures... If you are told about the countless trained and heavily armed mobilized people, state-of-the-art russian military equipment, about the latest generation of missiles that will sweep away the centers of decision-making, about the latest developments, about the UAV army and about the fact that "putin is starting to fight for real", and therefore, the Ukrainian army has no chance - you know, this is the enemy working through various anonymous channels and his agents of influence", - he wrote.

According to him, they want to intimidate Ukraine, because the russians are not able to win on the battlefield.

He also noted that in February 2023, Ukraine is a completely different country than the one that was a year ago.

"We have unprecedented support for peace, a united West, multibillion-dollar assistance and, most importantly, the Ukrainian spirit of love of freedom and a formed political nation that has tasted victory. But it is not time to relax, there is a lot of trials, blood, death and hard work ahead", - Danilov considers.

He emphasized that the enemy is strong and cunning, his underestimation is deadly.

"He still has a great resource - the human mass, but the mass is not the people who stood up to defend the Motherland and his own family. He still has missiles and military iron tones. He is getting smarter, gaining experience and learning from mistakes. You need to know about this, remember and take into account", - the NSDC Secretary wrote.

As previously reported, the russian federation began to threaten the USA and the EU with a "terrible war" and a "global catastrophe" because of military assistance to Ukraine.