Generation deficit in power system is huge - YASNO 01/16/2023 09:59:09. Total views 183. Views today — 7.

Currently, the shortage of generation in the energy system after the last missile attack of the russian federation is huge, so emergency blackouts can be applied across Ukraine. General Director of the YASNO energy company Serhiy Kovalenko reports this.

"The shortage of generation in the energy system after the attack is huge. A number of thermal power plants are not working due to serious damage. It is too early to predict the recovery time. It is not yet known how long the repairs will last. The problem is so serious that Ukrenergo has significantly limited consumption throughout Ukraine and in Kyiv in particular. Colleagues keep the situation under control and are looking for a solution to stabilize it", - Kovalenko noted.

According to him, distribution system operators must comply with these restrictions in order not to worsen the condition of the system. Therefore, emergency shutdowns can be used. But critical infrastructure needs to be healed.

"The destruction is significant. All power engineers are working on restoration, but we need to be prepared for the fact that the outages can be long", - he concluded.