Rashists make world’s largest minefield from Ukraine - Shmyhal 01/09/2023 11:36:00. Total views 153. Views today — 0.

The russians have made Ukraine the largest minefield in the world - the area of minefields of the occupiers has already exceeded 250 000 sq. km. This was stated by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal in an interview with the Yonhap South Korean news agency.

The prime minister said that russia’s full-scale invasion resulted in the occupiers creating 250 000 sq. km of minefields.

Shmyhal noted that "this is now the largest minefield in the world".

He illustrated the scale of mining by comparing the area with the entire Korean Peninsula (about 221 000 sq. km), Romania (about 238 000 sq km) and Great Britain (about 244 000 sq. km).

The mines not only hinder the movement of people, he said, but also cause serious difficulties for agriculture, which remains one of the main sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

As previously reported, rashists are mining the Luhansk region, scattering mines from cars and rockets.