USA rules out transfer of Abrams M2 tanks to Ukraine due to technical problems 01/05/2023 12:55:20. Total views 180. Views today — 0.

The U.S. authorities ruled out the transfer of Abrams M2 main battle tanks to Ukraine for technical reasons. This was reported on January 4 by The Washington Post.

"These tanks weigh 55 tons and rely on a turbine engine that guzzles fuel at a drastic rate", - a senior official from the Biden administration noted.

Moreover, it is noted that Abrams are also prone to breakdowns and require extensive maintenance expertise. The battle tanks are so heavy that then-President Trump was dissuaded from plans to include them in the 2019 July Fourth celebration in Washington on grounds that their steel-plate tracks would destroy city streets.

Let us recall that earlier, it became known that France would transfer AMX-10 light wheeled tanks AMX-10 to Ukraine.