Russian shell kills two elderly women in Bakhmut, police call for evacuation (PHOTO) 01/04/2023 18:26:34. Total views 207. Views today — 2.

In Bakhmut, a russian shell killed two women on January 4. This was reported by the MIA of Ukraine in its Telegram channel.

"Today, at about 12:00, russian troops hit the city with artillery", - the message said. "One of the shells hit the road. Two elderly women were mortally crippled by shrapnel".

It is noted that the White Angel evacuation group of the local police delivered the bodies to the morgue, in the future, they will establish the identity of the dead.

It is emphasized that the women were in an extremely dangerous area and they did not have the strength to quickly hide from shelling.

"Remaining under fire, people are risking their own lives every second", - the message says. - Therefore, the police of the Donetsk region are calling on residents of the region to evacuate to safer places and persuade their relatives to also leave in order to save. It also resembles the phone of the White Angel evacuation group in the Bakhmut direction - 066-56-15-102".

It was earlier reported that over the past day, the russians fired at Vuhledar, Kurakhove, Avdiivka and Hirnyk in the Donetsk oblast.