Ukraine is preparing to return displaced persons to Donbass liberated from militants. At public expense 05/05/2016 18:53:39. Total views 1134. Views today — 1.

Ukraine is preparing to return for free internally displaced persons to Donbass liberated from the occupation. It is evidenced by draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On provision of free travel of internally displaced persons by rail and road transports to the abandoned place of residence at the expense of local state administrations".

It is noteworthy that the relevant project should be discussed within a month - until May 27th.

So, the project suggests to grant the right to free travel by trains and buses to those displaced persons who "left their place of residence as a result of or in order to avoid the negative consequences of the military conflict, temporary occupation, massive human rights violations".

The document clearly states that displaced persons will be able to return to their homes for free only when the occupied territories again come under control of the Ukrainian authorities.

"In the case of disappearance of these circumstances (military conflict, occupation - OstroV), displaced persons may claim for free travel by railway or road vehicles to the abandoned place of residence," - state enclosures to the draft.

The draft also says that the implementation of this initiative will "settle the problem in the field of transportation."