France begins work on creation of special tribunal for russia 12/01/2022 12:43:00. Total views 381. Views today — 0.

France, together with its European and Ukrainian partners, has began to work on the creation of a special tribunal for russia's armed aggression in Ukraine. This was reported on the website of the French Foreign Ministry on December 1.

Fighting impunity for crimes committed by russians in Ukraine is said in Paris to be a priority for France. Therefore, the country is helping the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office and the International Criminal Court to investigate the crimes, so that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

"About the proposal to create a special tribunal for the crime of russian aggression in Ukraine. We have started working with our European and Ukrainian partners. We are talking about achieving the broadest consensus in the international community", - the message said.

Let us recall that President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated on November 30 that the International Criminal Court in The Hague was not enough to punish russia, and a special tribunal should be created.