Occupiers in "DNR" mobilize about 900 employees of Donbassgaz. A third of them have already been killed or have gone missing 11/30/2022 10:22:12. Total views 448. Views today — 0.

About 900 men from the Donbassgaz enterprise were mobilized for the war in the occupied territory of the Donetsk region. About three hundred of them have already either been killed or have gone missing, - the Astra Telegram channel of independent russian journalists reports on November 29.

According to one of the employees of the enterprise, 856 men were mobilized in Donbassgaz, where the total number of employees is about 4 thousand. It is known that the conscripts were sent to the 11th separate motorized rifle regiment and the 100th separate motorized rifle brigade.

Relatives of the mobilized complain that they are practically not provided with anything and are thrown to the front line without proper preparation.

At the same time, no subpoenas were given to the men - according to the documents, they remain at their workplaces, so their relatives cannot find out anything about their fate.

"The relatives have no documents at all, no agenda, nothing. You can’t prove anything legally. And the bodies are not returned. No body - no case, there’s not even anything to cling to", - the source claims.

The management of the enterprise, which is ordered from above to "not slow down", has to "plug holes" with low-skilled personnel. "There is no one to continue the work", - the source said.

Earlier, the media outlet reported that 120 men were mobilized at the Donetskteploset enterprise - women have to do their work, and boiler houses are closed due to a lack of employees in the city.