Rashists begin to wipe destroyed houses of Mariupol off the map 11/29/2022 17:29:10. Total views 326. Views today — 2.

The russian occupiers began to remove the buildings that they demolished in Mariupol on the Yandex maps. This was reported on Facebook on November 29 by authorized representative of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Lubinets.

"The russian military destroyed a house in Mariupol on 33 Azovstalska Street. Now it has been demolished. It is still on the Google map, but in Yandex and in reality, it was deleted, it ceased to exist", - Lubinets wrote.

In total, the invaders plan to demolish about a thousand houses throughout the city from those that they failed to destroy during the siege. Thus, the rashists are trying to hide the consequences of the bombing of Mariupol.

"They are demolishing houses in the historical part of the city, thereby turning the history of Mariupol into garbage, which they will later throw away", - the Ombudsman added.

As a result of such actions, the residents of more than 50 thousand apartments were left homeless before the winter. Thus, a humanitarian catastrophe awaits them, while they receive only promises from the russians.

"Mariupol is a city where the russian federation has violated all norms of humanitarian law. Even erasing houses from the maps will not help the guilty to avoid punishment for what they have done", - Lubinets added.

Let us recall that earlier, there was information that the occupiers resumed work on the dismantling of the Drama Theater in Mariupol.