Putin’s entourage denies information about imminent general mobilization. So we have to get ready 11/25/2022 15:59:18. Total views 301. Views today — 0.

The kremlin has denied information about the message of vladimir putin, in which the president of the aggressor country will announce the full mobilization of the country. Press secretary of the russian dictator Dmitry Peskov traditionally made a refutation, - russian media write.

When asked whether this information is true, Peskov answered in the negative: "It does not correspond to reality".

As previously reported, the practice of recent months has shown that it is the official statements of the kremlin that do not correspond to reality. That way, until February 24, the russian authorities assured that they were not planning an invasion of Ukraine.

On the eve of the announcement of the so-called "partial mobilization", Peskov stated on behalf of putin that there was no need for mobilization - a professional army was successfully coping with the tasks of the "Special Military Operation".