Protests against Putin's and Lukashenko's visit to Armenia begin in Yerevan (PHOTO) 11/23/2022 09:49:22. Total views 448. Views today — 0.

Protests against the arrival of Russian and Belarusian dictators Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko to Armenia began in Yerevan. This is reported by local Telegram channels.

It is noted that the CSTO summit is to be held in the capital of Armenia on November 23. The day before, members of the National Democratic Punctum against Putin and for leaving the CSTO came to the center of Yerevan with portraits of Putin and Lukashenko, as well as with the flags of Ukraine and the USA. They were supported by ussian citizens who fled the war.

In one of the videos, the car of alleged Russian Foreign Minister Sergeн Lavrov was greeted with loud shouts: "Russia, go away!"