Boeing MH17 shot down from territory controlled by russian-led "DNR" militants – The Hague court 11/17/2022 17:04:25. Total views 378. Views today — 0.

The District Court of The Hague concluded that the Boeing MH17 flight was shot down in July 2014 by a Buk missile fired from the area of Pervomaiske near the town of Snizhne in eastern Ukraine. The court announced the relevant decision on November 17, - BBC News. Russian service writes with reference to correspondent of the media outlet Olga Ivshina, who was in the courtroom.

"The District Court of The Hague reads out its decision in the case of the crash of the Boeing on July 17, 2014, - the message said. - The court has concluded that the Boeing of MH17 flight was shot down by a Buk missile launched from the area of Pervomaiske near the town of Snizhne in the east Ukraine (this territory at that moment was under the control of the forces of the self-proclaimed "DNR")".

It is emphasized that the court believes that at the time of the plane crash, russia had effective control over the leaders and supporters of the self-proclaimed "DNR" in eastern Ukraine.

"The court considers that since mid-May, russia had provided training for the "DNR" military, the supply of weapons and food, exercised a serious influence on the politicians of the "DNR", coordinated the military actions of the separatists and itself undertook military operations in eastern Ukraine", - the message said.

It was earlier reported that the authorities of the "DNR" continue to lie about the Boeing downed by the russian criminals for the ninth year.