Prigozhin mockingly states that Wagnerite convict killed with sledgehammer went to prison for 27 years on instructions of CIA 11/15/2022 13:13:13. Total views 297. Views today — 2.

Owner of PMC Wagner Yevgeny Prigozhin appealed to the General Prosecutor's Office of the russian federation with a frankly mocking statement, having accused the CIA of the murder of prisoner Yevgeny Nuzhyn with a sledgehammer. The text of the statement was published by the ChTD Telegram channel.

The leader of the Wagner mercenaries asked the Prosecutor General's Office to check the USA intelligence services for the murder of the prisoner recruited by his PMC.

Prigogine does not even try to pretend that he is writing seriously. He mockingly informs the Prosecutor General of the russian federation that the Wagner thugs "are distinguished by excellent discipline and strict observance of international norms and rules of social behavior". According to "Putin’s Chef", they deny that they had kidnapped and killed Nuzhyn. Prigozhin frankly mocks, declaring that for the manifestations of cruelty, the "Wagnerites" will face "disciplinary punishment in the form of public censure and imposition of a penalty with entry in a personal file, as well as extraordinary duty".

As the apotheosis of mockery of the russian law enforcement system, the owner of the PMC states that "the Wagner operations center is investigating the version that Nuzhyn was recruited by the CIA and went to prison for 27 years in advance, infiltrated the PMC and created the conditions for his execution".

How the Prosecutor General of the russian federation reacted to a frank spit in his direction is not yet known.