Zaluzhnyi: We continue offensive operation in accordance with our plan 11/10/2022 17:19:20. Total views 296. Views today — 1.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to conduct an offensive operation in accordance with their plan. This was announced in Telegram on November 10 by Commander-in-Chief of the AFU Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

"Behind every so-called "goodwill gesture" of the enemy are the colossal efforts of our troops. Just as the enemy retreated from Kyiv and the Kharkiv region and left the Snake Island, the probable exit from Kherson is the result of our active actions. Directly in the Kherson direction, the Ukrainian Defense Forces destroyed the logistics routes and support system and violated the enemy command and control system, thus leaving the enemy no other way out but to flee", - Zaluzhnyi noted.

He emphasized that "so far we cannot confirm or refute the information about the so-called withdrawal of the russian occupation troops from Kherson".

"We continue to conduct an offensive operation in accordance with our plan", - Zaluznyi stressed.

"Thus, in the Kherson direction since October 1, the advance of our troops into the depth of the enemy’s defense has been up to 36.5 km, the total area of the recaptured territory reaches 1 381 sq km, control over 41 settlements has been restored. The Defense Forces advanced 7 km, took control of 6 settlements and returned to Ukraine up to 107 sq km of territory. We advanced 7 km in the direction of Pervomaiske-Kherson and took control of 6 settlements, the area of liberated land is 157 sq km. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and our Victory!" - the Commander-in-Chief of the AFU noted.

As reported, the retreat of the russians from Kherson is due to the inability to support troops on the right bank of the Dnipro.