In occupied Donetsk, "animals with weapons" detonate grenade in restaurant (VIDEO) 11/03/2022 10:54:31. Total views 304. Views today — 0.

Russian "defenders" of Caucasian nationality detonated a grenade in the Paradiz restaurant in occupied Donetsk. The state of emergency is reported in the local segment of social networks on November 2.

An eyewitness of the incident describes a tragic incident in the Donetsk restaurant and is indignant that "newcomers with long beards" go everywhere with machine guns and grenades, offering to ban the russian military from carrying weapons in the city.

"I don’t know how to describe what is happening in Donetsk now. I want, I demand to draw the attention of our head to the personalities of visitors with long beards who go everywhere with machine guns and grenades. On November 1, I just wanted to celebrate the holiday in a restaurant. It is impossible to describe in words what happened after that. The defenders of Caucasian nationality got drunk and began to pester everyone present. The fact that the girls in the hall were with their husbands did not stop them. It ended tragically, these individuals not only crippled the visitors, they got grenade and threw it in. When the director was interrogated, he said that this was not the first case in Paradiz and Shesh Besh. People, what happens, when you think how to protect yourself from shells, we should also be afraid of such animals with weapons. I was indignant one of these days why they come in with machine guns, how do I know what is in their head. I was told that it is allowed. I remember Zakharchenko forbade it, why it can’t be done now", - the Donetsk woman wonders.

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