"Design bureaus of mobilization type" - russian federation proposes to return Stalin's black shacks 11/01/2022 15:28:49. Total views 135. Views today — 1.

A draft law on the creation of "design bureaus of the mobilization type" will be submitted to the State Duma. This was announced by Vice Speaker of the State Duma Boris Chernyshov at a meeting with young scientists, - the russian media write.

"We are submitting a draft law on design bureaus of a mobilization type next week, it will be supported by the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and I think, other factions", - he said.

It is noted that scientists will be called up to these design bureaus without fail.

According to Chernyshov, the document offers a systematic solution to the problem of scientists, and also "returns the good old Soviet traditions".

Apparently, "black shacks", secure and closed research institutes, where convicted scientists, engineers and designers worked, are meant under "Soviet traditions".