Biden warns: kremlin will make "incredibly grave mistake", if it uses nuclear weapons 10/26/2022 12:02:49. Total views 481. Views today — 0.

President Joe Biden warned moscow on Tuesday that it must not use nuclear weapons. The words of the head of the White House came after russia stated at the UN that Ukraine was going to use a "dirty bomb", - Voice of America reports.

"Russia will make an incredibly serious mistake, if it uses tactical nuclear weapons. I don't guarantee you yet that this is a false flag operation, we don't know. But that would be a serious mistake", - Biden said.

The report recalls that the USA and other Western countries rejected russian claims that Ukraine was preparing to use a "dirty nuclear bomb" on its own soil, having called it a pretext for escalation.

State Department spokesman Ned Price also stated on Tuesday that the USA was concerned about russia's statements, because it "has already demonstrated that it plans to end up doing what it accuses others of doing".

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that inspectors from the IAEA would soon arrive to inspect two Ukrainian facilities at the request of Kyiv.

Earlier, former CIA director David Petraeus stated that the USA and allies would destroy russian troops in Ukraine, if putin uses nuclear weapons.