German MFA considers actions of russian army in Ukraine genocide 10/21/2022 16:42:13. Total views 393. Views today — 0.

Official Kyiv should insist in international courts that russia is committing genocide during the aggression in Ukraine. This was stated by German Deputy Foreign Minister Tobias Lindner at the "International Law Against Genocide" conference on October 21.

"Those crimes that are being committed now should be qualified as genocide, and they should be brought to court with such qualification. And only then, the court must decide whether these are crimes against humanity or genocide", - the deputy minister and deputy of the Bundestag stated.

According to him, putin's statements, in which he repeatedly denied the existence of Ukraine, can be considered confirmation that the numerous crimes of the russian federation on Ukrainian soil are precisely genocide. It is also difficult to call carpet bombing and destruction of civilians in Mariupol something else besides genocide.

"We know that a huge number of people were killed in Mariupol, and those who remained have no electricity, no food and no water. How can we evaluate this crime?" - the politician explained.

Tobias Lindner stressed that Germany "knows what genocide is very well" because it has a similar sad page in its history. He also added that the punishment of the leaders of the russian federation for this crime is very important so that such a crime does not happen again - just like Germany and the leaders of the Third Reich were punished.

Let us recall that it was earlier reported that the Baltic countries called for the creation of a special tribunal for russia.