Cabinet of Ministers established a single price on gas, but poor Ukrainians will not be affected – Groysman 04/27/2016 17:17:57. Total views 1121. Views today — 0.

The Cabinet of Ministers established a single price on gas. It was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman at today's Cabinet meeting, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

"Today we have to make a difficult decision – the issue of establishing a single price on gas. I am sure that we’ll finish this topic and it will be the last change in gas prices in general in the life of our country. This topic has been speculated for many years. It is important to us that we are transparent, open and, of course, it all meets the obligations undertaken by Ukraine to the IMF, but I strongly believe that this decision may include a certain reduction in gas prices for 3 million customers. In particular, we know that today the price on gas which was not economically justified and was 7200 hryvnias. Accordingly, the decision, proposed to the government to consider, will reduce it to 6879 hryvnias," -. he said.

"I think everybody understands that the prices were not economically justified, the state always subsidized. And then there was no social justice. The rich consumed cheap gas and the poor... We need to stop this injustice, we must take care of every citizen who finds it hard to pay," - said the Prime Minister.

V.Groysman assured that the subsidy system was so effective that all low-income citizens will be protected from these tariff changes.

"Those who have large incomes will have to pay full price. I want to assure that everyone who needs additional social protection from the state will get it," - he stressed.

Cabinet of Ministers has supported this decision.