Military plane falls on residential buildings in russian Yeysk: detonation and large-scale fire (VIDEO) 10/18/2022 10:09:38. Total views 499. Views today — 0.

A military plane crashed into a residential building in the russian city of Yeysk on the evening of Monday, October 17. This is reported by the russian media.

Information about the plane crash on residential buildings in Yeysk, Krasnodar Krai, was published by local residents. The video also caught a large-scale fire that broke out as a result of the crash.

Later, the russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the plane that crashed on the houses was a military one. And the pilots were able to eject.

"A Su-34 aircraft crashed today, while climbing for a training flight from the military airfield of the Southern Military District. The aircraft crashed within the city of Yeysk. According to the report of the ejected pilots, the cause of the crash was the ignition of one of the engines during takeoff", - the russian military reported.

Firefighters and an ambulance are on the scene. It is noted that the fire completely engulfed a residential building - from the first to the ninth floors. Also, eyewitnesses claim that the plane was flying with full ammunition - which continues to detonate and prevents rescuers from reaching the apartment building.

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Let us recall that a Su-24 bomber also crashed in the Rostov oblast about a week ago.