Leader of "DNR" Denis Pushilin "found" in Donetsk after two days of silence 09/12/2022 13:03:03. Total views 250. Views today — 0.

Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin made a video message after a two-day pause, in which he stated that the rumors about his flight were a lie. The record was posted on his Telegram channel.

Pushilin urged not to trust alleged misinformation in the center of Donetsk against the backdrop of a monument to Lenin.

"We saw that yesterday, there was a huge information dump - they tried to "fire" me and "send" me to Russia", - he stated.

Rumors that the leader of the "DNR" left occupied Donetsk against the backdrop of the AFU offensive in the Kharkiv direction appeared after a video recorded by Pushilin from the passenger compartment of the car. After the collaborator failed to appear at a concert in occupied Mariupol on September 10, where his presence was announced, suspicions about his "evacuation" towards the russian federation intensified even more.