Rashists change another command after defeat in Kharkiv region - Main Intelligence Directorate 09/12/2022 10:36:29. Total views 438. Views today — 0.

After a series of defeats from the AFU, the command of the western group of the armed forces of the russian federation was changed once again. This was reported in Telegram on September 11 by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

"The leadership of the Western grouping with the russian federation has been removed from command. The reason for this decision is crushing defeats received as a result of the offensive of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. In order to restore the "stability of control" of the grouping, it will be headed by commander of the "Center" grouping of troops, Lieutenant General Alexander Lapin, along with his headquarters. At present, the operational staff of the "Center" grouping of troops has moved from Luhansk to the command post of the western grouping. As of today, a personnel decision on the further service of Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov is under consideration. He was appointed to the post of commander of the Western Military District on August 26, 2022, where he replaced Lieutenant General Sychevoy (in office for three weeks)", - the Main Intelligence Directorate reports.

Let us recall that the russian Defense Ministry admitted that russian troops had fled from the Kharkov oblast.