Deputies from St. Petersburg urge State Duma to accuse putin of high treason 09/08/2022 17:27:59. Total views 601. Views today — 0.

Deputies of the Smolninskoye municipality in St. Petersburg have called on the State Duma deputies to accuse russian president putin of treason due to a military invasion of Ukraine. This is reported by the Sever.Realii website.

As one of the authors of the initiative, Dmitry Paliuga, said, this way, municipal deputies want to get putin removed from office.

According to Paliuga, the decision to send requests to the Duma deputies was supported by the majority of the members of the council of the municipality. At the same time, Paliuga did not name the specific number of the municipality deputies who approved the initiative.

The text of the appeal states that the war declared by putin in Ukraine "harms the security of Russia and its citizens". "In this regard, we ask you, as a deputy of the State Duma, to come up with a proposal to bring charges of treason against the president of the Russian Federation in order to remove him from office", - the appeal says.

Paliuga did not specify how many deputies of the Duma the appeal was sent to.

The report recalls that in August, the deputy of Smolninskoye municipality Nikita Yuferev sent a letter to putin, in which he asked to stop the military operations of the russian federation in Ukraine. In response, he was informed that "his proposal was considered" and that "a special military operation for demilitarization and denazification" was being carried out.

The municipal council of Smolninskoye is one of the few in St. Petersburg where United Russia lost the 2019 elections. In November 2020, the municipal council was at the center of a scandal when a deputy removed a portrait of putin from the wall and tore it up.