Explosions are heard in russian Belgorod and a huge queue formed at station (VIDEO) 08/30/2022 09:48:42. Total views 478. Views today — 0.

Explosions were heard near the airport in russian Belgorod late in the evening on August 29. This is reported by local residents and Telegram channels.

According to available information, at least two loud explosions were heard in the airport area. Let us note that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of russia, this airport has been closed to civilian traffic.

It is reported that the russians used air defense over the city. However, one of the posted videos allegedly shows hits on the territory of the airport.

Videos have also surfaced on social media showing a huge queue. Allegedly, local residents massively want to leave Belgorod towards Moscow.

It should be noted that information about explosions and panic in Belgorod appeared against the backdrop of the AFU counteroffensive in southern Ukraine.