Russian VIP propagandist threatens Baltic countries with "protection of russian-speaking population" and Europe – with nuclear weapons 08/17/2022 14:26:44. Total views 1025. Views today — 0.

Russian VIP propagandist Vladimir Solovyov openly threatens the Baltic states with aggression under the banner of "protecting the russian-speaking population. He told this on the air of one of the russian TV channels.

"Well, we will now send troops to protect the russian-speaking population, 40% in Latvia", - the propagandist predicts the kremlin's reaction to the actual isolation of the aggressor country from the civilized world. "Will the NATO countries twitch? Are Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels ready to burn from the strikes of our missiles?", - he is confident in the impunity of the russian authorities.

He is sure that in the event of an invasion, only Poland will stand up for the Baltic countries. Will the USA and other Western countries "go or not"? - the propagandist asks mockingly.

"We will not arrange this "soft use of the military force of the russian federation in Ukraine", according to Solovyov. If NATO goes, there is a different approach, we do not feel sorry for them, they are not our people", - he openly threatens the world with new war.

According to Solovyov, the russian federation can use tactical, and if necessary, strategic nuclear weapons for the occupation of the Baltic countries.