"DNR" occupiers report death of prisoner of war, soldier of "Bears" special forces unit from "Azov" 08/09/2022 12:20:46. Total views 494. Views today — 0.

A soldier of the Bears special unit, which is part of the Azov Regiment, died in captivity of the "DNR" occupiers. This is reported by the separatist media.

The cause of death of the prisoner of war is not indicated - the invaders refer to his alleged drug addiction.

"One of the members of the Bears SS sabotage and assault group… before being taken prisoner at Azovstal, became addicted to drugs, which provoked complications of his chronic diseases, died in a pre-trial detention center", - the occupiers reported evasively.

As OstroV reported, terrorist prosecutors in the "DNR" asked a fake court to sentence the captured Azov fighters to death. The "sentence" to the soldiers of the Bears special forces unit is going to be announced on August 10.