Ukraine may now strike at Crimean Bridge with Harpoon missiles – military experts 08/05/2022 13:34:02. Total views 751. Views today — 0.

Ukraine can now strike at the Crimean Bridge with existing Harpoon anti-ship missiles. This is said in the OstroV’s article "The destruction of the Crimean Bridge: a bluff or a real prospect?".

"It is realistic to destroy it. Especially after we saw what happened to the Antonivka Bridge in Kherson, we already shot there. If we are supplied with 300 km of ATACMS missiles, then we will be able to damage the Crimean Bridge so much that it will not be serviceable. The russians will not be able to shoot down these missiles, since they have a quasi-ballistic trajectory, that is, it is almost impossible to calculate. There is another option that can be executed right now. We can hit the bridge with Harpoon missiles fired from the Huliaipole area. It is possible to catch and hit any train with a fighting unit at the exit from the bridge. This explosion will cause great damage", - military expert and reserve colonel Roman Svitan informed.

Reserve Lieutenant General Ihor Romanenko also confirmed in a commentary to OstroV the possibility of striking the Crimean Bridge with Harpoon missiles, which our country already has. However, he clarifies that it will be difficult to completely destroy the bridge in this way.

"But you can just cut the railway and automobile lines. The question is in the possibilities. We are now going to counter-attack, but reserves, supplies, logistics and so on are coming from the Crimea with might and main", - he considers.

According to him, it is based on the results of the counter-offensive situation in the south of the country that a decision will be made on a possible strike on the Crimean Bridge.

"They are looking at us, we are looking at them. Who and how will be the first to cross the "red lines", what will a corresponding reaction from the other side be", - Ihor Romanenko said.

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