Ukraine starts exporting grain, but partners are responsible for security - Zelensky 07/26/2022 10:04:06. Total views 639. Views today — 0.

Ukraine has done everything in its power to start exporting grain, but Turkey and the UN should monitor compliance with the agreements. Volodymyr Zelensky stated this at a press conference with the President of Guatemala on July 25.

"I believe that we will definitely start exports in order to once again prove to the whole world that it is not Ukraine that is blocking exports. As for security, let the partners look", - the president stated.

According to Zelensky, russia immediately violated the signed agreements by hitting the port of Odesa. At the same time, Ukraine is completely ready to start exporting.

"We have prepared and done everything. There is a corridor from our side. Ukraine controls everything in our waters. Only Ukraine will do checks in our waters. And then the question of the United Nations and Turkey is how much they can control the russian federation, which has shown that it can fire missiles even after the agreements", - the head of state added.

It was earlier reported that Ukraine expects to start exporting grain by sea this week.