Orbán states Hungarians do not want to be "mixed race" 07/25/2022 15:25:03. Total views 284. Views today — 2.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that the residents of his country have only one nation, and the government will never allow it to mix with other races. The official noted this in his speech on Saturday, - The Guardian British newspaper reports.

"We [Hungarians] are not a mixed race ... and we don't want to become mixed race. Countries where European and non-Europeans mingle are no longer nations", - Orbán stated.

Such statements by the Hungarian politician caused outrage in a number of EU countries. In particular, Katalin Cseh, an MEP from the opposition Momentum party, said she was appalled by the prime minister’s speech.

"His statements recall a time I think we would all like to forget. They really show the true colours of the regime", - she said.

The Romanian MEP Alin Mituța also responded angrily to Orbán’s comments.

"Speaking about race or ethnic "purity", especially in such a mixed region such as central and eastern Europe, is purely delusional and dangerous. And so is Mr Orbán", - he wrote on Twitter.

Let us recall that earlier, Viktor Orban stated that the sanctions against russia had had a negative impact on the economy of the European Union.