Venediktova: "I cannot and am not going to argue with the opinion or decision of the President" 07/19/2022 10:40:10. Total views 610. Views today — 0.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova "cannot and is not going to argue with the President's opinion or decision". She wrote this on Facebook on July 18.

"I ask commenters and other interested persons not to spread on my behalf any statements of "my" that have nothing to do with me. I hereby declare that as of now, I have not discussed this matter with any person. And now I also refrain from commenting, for one simple reason – now's not the time", - the Prosecutor General emphasized.

She emphasized that "she was appointed to this position as a responsible and morally mature person, and in the last two years, she has seriously matured".

"I cannot imagine that such issues can be resolved on the sidelines, without expressing mutual respect, not in a business-like manner, so to speak. In other words, as soon as the stage of "resolving" the existing situation is completed, in an adequate and understandable way for all parties, I will give a comprehensive comment", - she added.

"I have something to be proud of in my position, I demonstrated good work results, I managed to unite the legal, professional, and criminal procedural world elite around the problems of Ukraine in the interests of Ukraine", - Venediktova noted.

"Conversations on similar topics in this entourage are without emotions, not against the background of cheap rumors, looking all the interlocutors in the eyes. If the relevant resolution is registered within the walls of the Ukrainian Parliament, I will not think twice and will report to the people's elected officials", - the Prosecutor General promised.

"I cannot and do not intend to argue with the President's opinion or decision - the President has the right to make a decision, including the one discussed now. The procedure for the dismissal of the Prosecutor General is well known to everyone, there is no other, the other is not provided for by law", - she summarized.

As reported, regarding the resignation of Venediktova and Bakanov, there is still no talk of dismissal.