Another russian Su-25 aircraft shot down by "Zaporizhzhia Avenger" 07/18/2022 10:42:10. Total views 423. Views today — 0.

A 19-year-old conscript of the National Guard shot down the enemy Su-25 strike fighter with an Igla MANPADS, - the National Guard of Ukraine reports on Facebook.

"This is not Chornobaivka yet, but the score will grow! The guardsman destroyed another enemy Su-25 strike fighter. The conscript of the National Guard of Ukraine, who is only 19 years old, now performs combat missions, protecting the Ukrainian sky in the Zaporizhzhia direction and mercilessly hits the enemy in the air with its faithful "girlfriend" Igla MANPADS", - the message says.

It is emphasized that this refers to the National Guardsman who was nicknamed the "Zaporizhzhia Avenger" in social networks.

"I was called that after I destroyed three planes. In principle, I like it, and so do my comrades. But the main thing is that it has results - fewer enemy planes will destroy our cities, and their pilots will know that their mission may be the last", - the fighter told.

According to the information of the National Guard, recently, during regular enemy air raids on the AFU positions, the National Guard shot down two more enemy planes. In addition, on July 16, around ten o'clock in the evening, he managed to shoot down a cruise missile, and already in the morning of the next day, he replenished his treasury of downed planes with another Su aircraft.

"Now, the guardsman already has 6 enemy SU-25 aircraft and one cruise missile of the occupiers to his credit", - the report says.

As previously reported, in the area of the settlements of Orikhiv and Stepne of the Zaporizhzhia oblast, special forces and soldiers of the AFU shot down two enemy Su-25 that were trying to attack Ukrainian positions.