Moscow decides to annoy British Embassy by spoiling historical toponym with three letters "LNR" 07/05/2022 14:07:07. Total views 437. Views today — 0.

Russian propagandists decided to rename the section of Smolenskaya Embankment near the British Embassy in Moscow into the so-called "LNR Square". This is said in the press service of the mayor's office of capital of the aggressor country.

Allegedly, as a result of voting on the Internet, "the citizens decided to name the territory along the Smolenskaya Embankment between Protochny Lane and the exit to Novy Arbat Street after the Lugansk People's Republic".

Thus, the russian authorities want to force the British Embassy, ​​indicating the address of the diplomatic mission, to constantly use the name of the fake "LNR".

A certain nameless area near the USA embassy in moscow was earlier named "DNR square" for a similar purpose. However, American diplomats refused to use the "new address" imposed on them, having limited themselves to indicating the geographic coordinates of the embassy.

Great Britain is also in no hurry to succumb to the trolling of russian propagandists: Smolenskaya Embankment is still indicated as the address of its embassy in moscow.