"In fact, a single army". Lukashenko states that participation of Belarus in war against Ukraine "was determined long ago" 07/04/2022 11:06:19. Total views 533. Views today — 1.

Self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated that he had long ago determined the participation of his country in the russian war against Ukraine, - Belarusian media reported.

"We are the only country that supports the Russians in this struggle. Those who reproach us, didn't you know that we have the closest alliance with the Russian Federation? With the state with which we are building a single, powerful and independent state – the Union State, where there are two independent peoples in the union", - he stated.

The Belarusian dictator noted that even on the first day of the russian attack on Ukraine, he allegedly stated that the Belarusians "will not allow anyone to shoot a russian person in the back".

"Did not they know that we have created a single grouping of armed forces in the union of Belarus and Russia for a long since? In fact, a single army. You knew all this, so why are you reproaching us today? We were and will be together with fraternal Russia. Our participation in the "special operation" was determined by me a long time ago", - he said.

Earlier, Lukashenko accused Ukraine of allegedly trying to launch rocket attacks on Belarus.