800 million to boot. Biden pledges support for Ukraine "as long as it takes" 06/30/2022 20:27:53. Total views 897. Views today — 0.

In the coming days, Washington will announce additional assistance to Ukraine in the field of weapons, including missile defense systems, in the amount of $800 million. U.S. President Joe Biden stated this at a press conference following the NATO summit in Madrid, - Radio Liberty reports.

"We will support Ukraine for as long as it takes", - Biden said again.

According to the American leader, russia will pay a high price for attacking the territory of a neighboring country, and the war will not end with the defeat of Ukraine.

Biden also drew attention to the impact the war has already had on russia: the country has lost 15 years of economic achievements and is experiencing difficulties in oil production as a number of technologies are no longer available to moscow due to sanctions.

"Ukraine has already dealt a strong blow at russia – russia has already lost its international position. Russia is in a situation where the whole world is watching and saying: "You tried to take over the whole country, you tried to take Kyiv and you lost. You tried to take over the Donbas and still failed to do this", - Biden said.

According to him, even before the start of the war, he warned russian president putin that "if he invades Ukraine, NATO will not only become stronger, but also become more united".

"Putin thought he could split our Alliance. He thought that he would weaken us, and the Alliance would give up. In fact, he got exactly the opposite. He thought he would achieve the Finlandization of NATO, but got the natolization of Finland", - Biden stated.

He added that the borders of NATO have expanded by 800 miles because of the invitation to the Alliance of Sweden and Finland.

As reported, the USA intends to announce the purchase of medium and long-range missile defense systems for Ukraine.