Rashists launch missile attack on Kremenchuk. There are dead and injured (VIDEO) 06/27/2022 18:53:13. Total views 694. Views today — 0.

Russian invaders launched a missile attack on the city of Kremenchuk, Poltava oblast, on the afternoon of June 27. As a result, there are dead and injured, - city mayor Vitaliy Maletsky reports on Facebook.

"The missile attack on Kremenchuk hit a very crowded place, which is 100% irrelevant to the hostilities. There are dead and injured", - the mayor reported.

He clarified that along with all the relevant services, he is at the scene of the tragedy.

"Details will be given by the Poltava oblast military administration in the future", - Maletsky concluded.

There were reports in social networks that the russians launched a missile attack on the Amstor shopping center.

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