We will find you all: Zelensky to persons involved in missile strikes on Ukraine 06/27/2022 12:09:52. Total views 498. Views today — 0.

All persons involved in the launch of missiles in Ukraine will be held accountable. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced this in a video message on June 26.

"... All pilots, dispatchers, technicians and other people who ensure the launch of missiles in Ukraine must understand: we will find you all. Each of you will be responsible for these strikes. And if someone thinks that he will evade responsibility, having said that such was the order, – you are mistaken. When your missiles hit residential buildings – these are war crimes. Judgment is what awaits you all. And you will not hide anywhere – neither on the shores of the Caspian Sea, over which your missiles are launched, nor in Belarus… Nowhere", - Zelensky noted.

As previously reported, Ukrainian territory was subjected to massive missile attacks on June 26.

In particular, a missile hit a high-rise building in Kyiv, as a result of which one person died and several were injured.

Hits in the Cherkasy oblast were also recorded.