SSU disarmed SG consisting of 4 Russians. One Alfa officer died 12/10/2015 13:32:18. Total views 1063. Views today — 0.

SSU in the intercourse of special operation of detecting subversive group detained 3 citizens of the RF and 3 Ukrainians  on Sunday evening.   Interfax reports about that with the reference to the statement of the speaker of the SSU Elena Gitlyanskaya on Facebook.  

"Two citizens of the Russian Federation and three citizens of Ukraine were detained. Another member of the DG resisted by using automatic weapon, injured two Alfa officers and was disarmed (shot -  OstroV).  The condition of one injured officer is critical and at the moment doctors are fighting for his life",  - wrote E. Gitlyanskaya.

Later the speaker of the SSU commented that another citizen of the RF was detained.    

According to her,  at first,  Alfa officers evacuated under the fire the owners of the flat with their 7-year-old child from the flat where subversives hid and only then finished raid of the armed criminals.

"The check of the accident sites is going on  but they have already found eight self-made explosive devices,  four kilos of troryl, automatic weapon,  more than 40 grenades and about two thousand bullets as well as components of the explosive devices only at one address in the capital coty", noted E. Gitlyanskaya.

The special operation is going on.

As journalist Petr Shulikov later noted on Twitter,  the Alfa officer died from the injuries in the hospital.

"The information was confirmed.  The officer died. From the shot in the head. The murder,  a Russian subversive, was killed by the responsive shot", - wrote he.